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Where can I learn to learn applied computer science?

The specialist, who is fluent in applied computer science, in the future may become a very promising employee and high-class professional. As part of the development of information technology, this area is one of the most popular. If you have a desire to learn the basics of science and continue to constantly develop in this area, you can build a good career that will benefit you and society. Basic training in applied computer science can be done at a good secondary school or university. Among the popular educational institutions in this area are St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions, in particular, the department of computer science and mathematics - gup.ru.

Here they prepare bachelors in the direction of “applied informatics”, you can get good knowledge in the field of information technology, as well as economic information systems and systems of art and socio-cultural sphere.Upon graduation, a bachelor will learn to develop, design, and then implement information systems in economics, information technologies and corporate information systems, create and implement information projects in culture and art - the result of training depends on the choice of direction.

For admission you will need to provide the results of the exam in three subjects: mathematics, Russian language, computer science and ICT. If an entrant is not sure about admission or just wants to deepen or refresh his knowledge before basic training, he can go to university preparatory courses.

After admission, a student is expected to have extensive academic work: a large number of practical classes using modern information technologies, classes in educational and professional studios, internships at enterprises, participation in the work of the scientific student circle and in the annual Student Scientific Conference. Diverse work, a lot of practice and independent activity - this is the basis for high-quality training in applied informatics.

You can study as a full-time (4 years), and in absentia (5 years). The university is taught by talented professors who are themselves professionals, so if you want to study, everyone is guaranteed high-quality knowledge. Many graduates of St. Petersburg State Unitary Enterprise now work in international organizations and government agencies. In addition to basic education at their university, students can study with foreign teachers and students and share experiences with them. You can hold joint workshops, practice student exchanges, go on internships, organize joint conferences and seminars, create joint projects via the Internet.

If, in addition to undergraduate studies, a student wishes to master a master's degree, after graduation, he can become a good specialist in demand in the following areas: management, economics, banking, law, IT, commerce and transport. The graduate of a magistracy will be able to work at various events, to carry out adaptation, customization, development, design, and then further implementation of information projects.

You can also enroll in graduate school and engage in scientific activities in a chosen direction. Master's degree involves five areas of study:

  1. Development of information systems based on modern information technologies;
  2. Automation of applied projects using appropriate technologies;
  3. Modeling information processes, development and development of information systems in a particular enterprise;
  4. Consulting on the informatization of applied problems and the introduction of information systems in the enterprise;
  5. Organization of information systems, their further management.

In the future, graduates of the magistracy can develop and implement modern advanced telecommunications and information technologies themselves, research and develop methods for implementing the information process, and organize and conduct system analysis of information processes.

Education at the St. Petersburg Humanitarian University of Trade Unions at the Department of Applied Informatics will be rich, high-quality and very useful for you if you are interested in further linking your career with this area.


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