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Where do the snakes live?

January 13, 2015
Where do the snakes live?

The common snake is a small black snake with yellow or orange spots on the sides of the head. The Latin name of this legless reptile is Natrix, which means “water snake”. This name tells us that they like wet places.

Let us consider in more detail where the snakes live.

Habitats of snakes

The territory of distribution of these snakes is unusually wide. They live almost throughout Europe. In Russia, snakes can be found in the European part up to the southern regions of Karelia and in Siberia - up to Lake Baikal. Reptiles live in almost all landscapes: in forests of various types, in meadows, in gardens, overgrown marshes, mountains, where they hide under stones, brushwood, reeds.

Snakes are very fond of moisture, so their main habitats are located near ponds and in forests with moist soil. They swim and dive well, in lakes and rivers they get their main food - frogs and small fish. Water already swims in the open sea in search of prey. You can additionally read about the diet of these reptiles in the article What do snakes eat.

Snakes have adapted to life and in dry regions.They can also live in trees, stumble upon a grass snake even in a city park. In general, snakes love to make nests near human habitation - in basements, cellars, sheds, in vegetable gardens, because here it is easiest to find shelter from predators and a warm place for wintering. Most snakes are not poisonous, but their bite can still damage health: their saliva is toxic and can cause blood poisoning.


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