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Where in Moscow there is a cafe for vegetarians? somebody knows?

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Emma Walsh
Emma Walsh
Answered on November 16, 2014 07:51
In Moscow, less than in St. Petersburg cafe for vegetarians, but there is! There are even restaurants. But everything is expensive there, compared to ordinary ones)) Here are some addresses - Cafe Ganga - Leningradsky Prospect, 37-B, Start Center, 3rd floor, Vegetarian cafe Avocado - Chistoprudny Boulevard, 12. Restaurant "Jagannat" - a very cool place! Moscow House of Artists on Kuznetsky, Kuznetsky Most, 11 Vegetarian Cafe at the Center "The Path of Yoga - - Pyatnitskaya 43 Building 3, Fresh - m. Theater, Pushkin, Petrovka, 21. Cafe Studio SOK - Lavrushinsky per. d. 15 This, in which I often go))) but in general they are much more.

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