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Where is Belgorod?

Alevtina Rigonen
Alevtina Rigonen
March 22, 2012
Where is Belgorod?

Belgorod - the administrative center of the Belgorod region, was founded in 1593 and immediately received city status. The population of this city at the moment is 356 thousand people.

So, where is the city of Belgorod and Belgorod region?

The area of ​​the entire Belgorod region is 27.1 thousand km2. It is part of the Central Federal District and the Central Black Earth region. The length of the region from north to south is 190 km, from west to east - 270 km. To better imagine where the city of Belgorod is relative to Moscow, then we can say that it is located 695 km south of our capital.

Now let's determine where Belgorod is on the map.

The Belgorod Region is located in the South-Western part of Russia and borders with the Kursk Region in the north, with the Voronezh Region in the east. In the south and west, near the Belgorod region, there are borders with Ukraine, namely: with Lugansk, Kharkov, Sumy regions. To more accurately determine the geographical location, you need to knowBelgorod region is located in the basins of the Dnieper and Don rivers on the southern and south-western slopes of the Central Russian Upland. The average height above sea level is 200 m. As for Belgorod itself, it is located in the southern part of the Central Russian Upland on the right bank of the right tributary of the Don - the North Donets River. Just 40 km from Belgorod passes the Russian-Ukrainian border. Now the territory of the city covers an area of ​​153.1 km2.

You can talk about this city for a long time, it has a rich and interesting history. The city itself is very beautiful, the climate is mild and very favorable for living, but in this article, our task was to sort out the question of where Belgorod is located.


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