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Where is the sea cleaner?

Nadezhda Petrovskaya
Nadezhda Petrovskaya
January 14, 2013
Where is the sea cleaner?

People going on vacation very often ask one question: "Where is the sea cleaner?". After all, everyone wants to relax, breathe in the fresh sea air, swim in the clear sea. Oceanologists studied the seas and ranked the cleanest seas.

  1. Seychelles and the Caribbean islands are the cleanest seas. The water here is amazingly clear. The islands are far from civilization. For swimming and recreation is the best place.
  2. Portuguese Atlantic coast and the Dead Sea. In the Dead Sea do not live representatives of the animal and plant world. It is very salty, has a deep bottom. People here mostly come for medical purposes.
  3. Resorts of the Indonesian archipelago (Bali, Malaysia), Australia and Singapore. These are tropical seas. They are very clean and warm. If the waste enters the water, then they are immediately eaten by marine life, which lacks food.
  4. Mediterranean beaches and Egypt. Next to these resorts there are no industrial enterprises. Here is a favorable environmental situation.
  5. The Aegean Sea attracts tourists with its warm beaches and crystal clear purity. The Turkish Aegean coast suffers from sewage. Here there are so-called "red" tides. The shores of Greece are the place where the cleanest sea is.

One of the dirtiest seas is the Black Sea. Sea water exchange is very slow. In the sea gets a lot of industrial waste and chemicals. Unsafe environment in the Baltic Sea.

We reviewed a list of the cleanest seas of our planet. Where to go to rest - you decide. The main thing is that the place to rest was environmentally friendly. Then you will have a great rest, and your health will be restored.


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