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Where is the windows registry?

Today, let's try to figure out what the main registry of Windows is, what it is for. We will also try to answer the question of where the Windows XP registry and Windows 7 are located.

Windows Registry: what it is and why

First of all, you need to understand that the registry is not a folder. The registry is a whole file that meets all the parameters of a regular file. You can find this file in the WINDOWS folder. If you want to view the Windows registry, you need to do the following. Open the Start menu. Then the option "Run ...". Enter in the line the inscription "regedit".

Directly, the registry itself is in two files. They are called "User.dat" and "System.dat". There is also a file "Policy.pol", which contains all the rules of the system. The data of this file have priority over any registry settings. It is usually used in a multi-user environment and is not installed by default. All these files can be found in the Windows folder where the entire system environment of the computer is located. It is strongly not recommended to change the contents of the folder, it can lead to logical errors that can damage your computer.It is necessary to consider one moment. If there are several user accounts on the computer, the system creates several "User.dat" files.

Here is a list of Windows registry files:

C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ config:
default - HKEY_USERS
C: \ Documents and Settings \% user%

Registry Windows 7: where is

There is nothing complicated on the Windows 7 operating system. The registry is also located in the Windows folder. You can also access the registry, as we described above, that is, using the "regedit" program. In Windows 7, you have the opportunity to change some system characteristics using the registry. What can be done? You have the option to change the Windows LogOn login screen background. You can put any picture on the Windows greeting. You can personalize the header in Internet Explorer 8. You can turn off the Aero Snap feature. The function allows you to automatically edit the size of the window when it is placed in different edges of the screen. Someone does not find this feature convenient. These users can disable it. You can change the behavior of the stack button on the taskbar. You can edit the taskbar preview delay. Using the registry, you can make windows appear faster when previewing them.You can also change the delay characteristics of the Aero Peek feature. Here is the link where it is described in detail how to act:.

Where is the registry of Windows XP

The Windows XP registry is located in the "Windows / System32 / Config" directory.

What is the registry responsible for? The registry contains all the information for the correct operation of all hardware devices, programs, user accounts and properties of your personal computer. All changes to a variety of settings are displayed in the registry. The registry has a hierarchical structure. The program "Regedit" is a guide through the entire registry system. Without this utility it would be impossible to work effectively with the registry, although it is sometimes necessary. Each main branch is a root folder that contains the keys necessary for the operation of the system. Each key, respectively, may contain other keys, which are called parameters or subkeys. They contain all actual information about changes in the operational support system. Programmers identify three types of subkeys - these are string, binary, and DWORD keys. The registry has six main branches, between which all the information that is contained on the computer is distributed.

Computer and software experts strongly discourage changing or deleting anything from the Windows registry. If you think that the problem of freezing lies precisely in the registry, it is better to contact a specialist who will definitely help you fix system errors.


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