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Where is Vienna located?

April 24, 2015
Where is Vienna located?

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Vienna is the federal capital of Austria. This beautiful city is known to the whole world. Consider where Vienna is.

Location of the city

Vienna lies in the east of Austria, at the very foot of the Alps. Urban tracts are close to the Danube River and are very close to the borders with neighboring states: Hungary, and also Slovakia. The Danube Canal and the River Vienna flow through the capital of Austria. The metropolis is located on both sides of the river and is bordered by the Vienna Woods.

Due to its geographically advantageous position, Vienna is an extremely convenient place for the development of interstate relations with the countries of Eastern Europe. With its shape, the city resembles a regular circle crossed by the Danube River.

City climate

The city lies in the continental climate.

  • The winter is rather mild here, but sometimes there are great frosts and snowfalls;
  • spring comes at the end of February. This period of the year is characterized by unstable weather, frosts, rain, and sharp warming;
  • summer in Vienna is usually dry and hot, the temperature in the most arid days reaches 38 degrees above zero;
  • autumn comes at the end of September, it is characterized by warm and dry weather. In late November, deep autumn gradually turns into winter.

In this climate, each of the seasons is clearly expressed.

Now you know where Vienna is located and what are the features of its climate. This information can be used when planning tourist trips abroad.


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