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Where to buy a squirrel?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
April 28, 2015
Where to buy a squirrel?

Looking at a small beautiful squirrel, many might think that it would be great to have such an animal at home. Is this really possible? And if so, where can I buy a squirrel?

Buying squirrels

Now purchase any forest animal is not difficult and not expensive. You can buy a squirrel at the usual bird market or at the pet store. However, it should be remembered that if you decide to start this animal at home, pay attention to the fact that it must be born in conditions of bondage and has all the necessary vaccinations. Wild squirrels are unlikely to take root in your home, and are likely to run away or die. By nature, its protein is a wild creature and can not sit in a cage, however, those fellows who grow up in captivity, quite easily adapt to their domestic conditions.

Buy manual squirrel can be priced from 5 to 15 thousand rubles. It is not recommended to buy animals that cost less than 5 thousand. Most likely, they were caught and caged. Such animals may be wild. You can read about the habitat of wild squirrels in the article Where squirrels live.

Squirrel care

The most important difficulty in growing squirrels at home is finding the right menu. On the one hand, squirrels can be called omnivores. In the wild, they can even eat a frog. However, homemade protein is better to feed them with natural food. Namely, pine, pine and spruce cones. Moreover, it is not necessary to clean the cones and remove the nuts from them, the squirrel will do it herself.

Domestic squirrels require a maximum of 30 cones per day. It is not recommended to give more to the animal, since it should not overeat. By nature, squirrels are pretty greedy animals, because in the wild they often have to starve, but because they can eat as much as they fit.
In this case, we should not forget that for full growth of the animal must eat at least 20 cones per day.


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