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Where to change the clutch?

I need to change the clutch. Car VAZ 2110. I do not know where it is best to contact this problem in Moscow. Prompt good services, please. Who can be trusted.
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Answered on April 11, 23:31
My friend works in one car service. The service is not large, but it is doing well. If interested, write in a personal. I will tell all the details and give a friend’s contacts.
Oleg Fedorenko
Oleg Fedorenko
Answered on April 12, 00:17
I can advise car service Morion-ST. I repaired a car there several times, no problems. And most importantly, the masters are honest, do not count the extra damage.
Answered on April 12, 00:54
I can tell you that the replacement of the clutch on the VAZ 2110 can be done in the service of Grek, which is located on the 65th kilometer of the Moscow Ring Road. Here you can read about everything in more detail By the time this procedure takes very little time. So I do not recommend you leave the car in service for a long time. That is, wait there, do not go away for a long time.

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