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Where to go and what to do during the second holidays in May

If you decide to stay on the second May weekend in Moscow, it is better to think in advance what to do. We have already decided and share with you our extensive plans. The main thing is to be in time!

On the lecture

The lecture format is in trend today, in Moscow and other cities almost every evening they talk about visual arts and fashion, about the phenomena of the human brain and about architectural monuments. Happy audialam and visuals will have something to do in the coming weekend.

May 6 at the art center "Artimex"the lecture “Florence Renaissance: the first artists of Italy” (cost - 600 rubles). "Artimex" holds lectures at the Exlibris Museum on Pushechnaya Street, in a beautiful building of the XIX century.

Publication from Art Center "Artimex" (@ artimex.ru)Apr 14 2017 at 1:48 PDT

Cultural platform "Synchronization"in the framework of the course “About What the Pictures Are Silent”, he presents lectures about Chagall (May 5), Van Gogh (May 6) and Friedou Kahlo (May 7). Lectures are held in the Course lane, in a pleasant place near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Publish from Sync (@synchronize_art)Apr 21 2017 at 11:33 pdt

Look at the city from a height 

The Ostankino tower turns 50 years old. Is this not a reason to climb on it and admire Moscow from a height! In May, they will start excursions with audio guides in Russian and English. In addition, visitors will start to let on the platform, located at an altitude of 85 meters.

Publication from Moscow 📸 Where to go? (@i_moskva)May 2 2017 at 11:59 pdt

If the Ostankino tower is too high for you and the road (an adult ticket in the daytime is 1,000 rubles), then you should climb the Ivan the Great Bell Tower (250 rubles) or the viewing platform on the roof of the “Central Children's World” (free of charge).

Publication from Central Children's Store (@cdm_moscow)Apr 29 2017 at 10:45 pdt

To look at the stars

The coming May is the month of active stargazing. The flow of May Aquaris will be the strongest around 4 am on 6 May. It is best to watch the stars away from city lights, but with the help of modern technology, the sky can be seen closely anywhere. On May 6, at 19.00, Gorbushkin Dvor hypermoll invites you to a free astronomical observation session (parking 2, level 8). And more about astronomy can be learned in the Moscow Planetarium, where it is always interesting. In the Big Star Hall show the premiere film "Rosette" about the dangerous and complex landing of the artificial apparatus "Rosette" on the comet's core.

Publication from Moscow Planetarium (@tvoyplanetary)Jan 23 2017 at 3:30 pst

To the cinema

Pay attention to movies that might have missed: go to Nightingale, where Youth and Paterson are still going, or to the good old Illusion, where you will be shown the Oklahoma as it is on the weekend (May 5, 18.00) with a young and beautiful Faye Dunaway, defending his house, and "Tristan" (May 7, 18.00) with Catherine Deneuve.

Publication from St. Leningrad. (@ sergey_78_)May 2 2017 at 10:15 PDT

In the cinema "Pioneer" on Kutuzov, as well as in its summer branches in the Gorky Park and Sokolniki will be held free screenings for Victory Day. The films “Belarus Station”, “Shield and Sword”, “The Tale of Fiery Years” will be shown.

From 6 to 9 May, in the network of urban cinemas “Moskino”, they will also show films about the Great Patriotic War as part of the “Memory of movie heroes” program. You can see the pictures “Twenty Days Without War”, “Fate of a Man”, “Belorussky Station”, “Soldiers”, “Masha”, “The Ballad of a Soldier”, “… And the dawns here are quiet”. 37 sessions are planned in twelve cinemas, among which are Sputnik, Polet, Cosmos, Saturn, Youth, Fakel. There will be film screenings in Moscow parks: in Gorky Park, in Izmailovsky Park, in Fili, Babushkinsky, in Krasnaya Presnya Park.

Develop urban spaces

On May 6–7, a picnic of food trucks “Peace! Work! May!". It will be delicious! At the winery is the exhibition "Farewell to youth" Egor Koshelev.

In the twenty Moscow parks on May 9 there will be an extensive program dedicated to the Victory Day. In the Gorky Park, in Sokolniki, in the Hermitage Garden, Tagansky, Izmaylovsky, Petrovsky and other parks there will be songs of war years and verses, and numerous master classes will be held.

Publication from Design-Plant "Flacon" (@ flacon.ru)Apr 22 2017 at 2:10 PDT

Until May 9, inclusive continues the city festival "Moscow Spring", within which the musical international competition "Moscow Spring a capella" is held.


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