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Where to hunt?

Going to hunt, it is not enough to take a gun and shod hunting boots, you also need to know where and when you can hunt one or another beast. Our section will be useful for both experienced hunters and beginners. Here you will find a lot of tips and advice regarding hunting. And in this article we will look at where to hunt.

Hunting game

Hunters can find good places almost all over Russia. In the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions there is an excellent hunt for woodcock, wood-grouse, black grouse, hazel grouse or partridge. On the numerous lakes of the region, you can successfully hunt waterfowl. Ladoga Lake, where wild ducks and geese are abundant, has become a favorite hunting ground for many.

In the forests of the Moscow region, you can successfully hunt the black grouse, and in the Tula or Tver region at the grouse.

The hunting seasons in each region open at different times. For example, in the North-West of the country in the spring the hunting season is from April 23 to May 15. In Karelia from May 1 to May 15, in the Leningrad Region from April 21 to May 8.

In autumn, in almost all regions, hunting for game is allowed from August 15 to November 30. In Karelia, you can shoot a bird in the winter.

Beast hunt

For a true hunter, it is the tracking of the beast, the search for its tracks and the pursuit that brings great pleasure. That is why the hunters are proud of the successful hunt for a hare, which is not so easy to track down, because despite the widespread opinion of cowardice of cowards, this is a cunning beast that cleverly entangles the tracks, and therefore not every hunter can track him down. Hares are found throughout Russia, so you don't have to travel far to hunt him. An exception will be the hunt for the white hare, which is found in the north of the country. A large population of whites in Yakutia.

Gambling hunters also like to hunt foxes and wolves. And if they go to the wolf to feel all the excitement of the hunt, the fox is interested in hunters and as an expensive trophy, whose fur is appreciated.

Before you go hunting, you should find out if there are any restrictions on shooting. The population of wolves and lynxes is constantly changing, so you need to know whether it is possible to carry out shooting in the region, and in what quantity. It is worth noting that in the Novosibirsk region there are daily restrictions on shooting hares and foxes.

In the north-western regions of Russia, it is good to hunt a badger, a mink, a marten, a raccoon-like dog, an otter, a roe.In the marshlands of the Leningrad Region and Karelia, you can hunt well for moose. But to make moose horns an ornament to your home, you need to walk more than one kilometer.

In the Stavropol Territory, Kemerovo Region, Tyumen and other areas of the region you can hunt for different fur animals.

In Karelia and the White Sea, you can successfully hunt dews and seals. Hunters very often return from there with rich prey.

Hunting for a wild boar is considered very dangerous. Indeed, it is a strong and fast animal that can kill a person if angry. Especially dangerous is the wounded beast, which in a rage rushes at the hunter. Even experienced hunters do not go boar alone. Wild boars in Russia are found practically throughout the country, with the exception of the regions of the far north and the southern regions, where the climate is too hot and there is little forest.

Altai and Transcaucasia are regions where you can hunt bighorn sheep and mountain goats, of which there are a lot of them.

Bear hunt

Today, hunting has become the favorite entertainment of many, and therefore there are special hunting grounds, where in the season there is an opportunity to hunt for a different beast.But, of course, bear hunting is considered the most hazardous.

A good bear hunt is waiting in Kamchatka, where there is a lot of fish. A large population of animals in the North-West region of the country and in Karelia. Here you can shoot an individual weighing three hundred or more kilograms.

But still, a long time ago, a bear is considered the master of taiga; therefore, it is often the case that people go to hunt bears in Eastern and Western Siberia. It is worth noting that bear hunting is one of the most spectacular and extreme. This is one of the most dangerous animals which is not so easy to kill.

Bears are hunted in different regions at different times, but the best season is the fall season from August 15 to December 1.


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