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Which drink contains more caffeine?

Contains caffeine in tea and coffee. Modern man can not imagine life without these drinks. Someone prefers tea, someone - coffee. This raises a lot of controversy associated with the fact in which of these two drinks is more concentrated caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in tea depends on the time of tea collection, on the size of the tea leaves and the methods and time of processing of the tea itself. The result is that black tea has a higher percentage of caffeine compared to green. It is even considered that caffeine concentrate in dry tea is more than in coffee. But during brewing, a cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup of coffee. Perhaps this is due to some chemical reactions, and, perhaps, to the fact that tea leaves are used less for coffee than coffee.

Caffeine in tea and coffee

Where is more caffeine: in tea, coffee or something else? Because of what the controversy, we find out below.

In general, spores are born because of the difference in the content of stimulating CNS (central nervous system) substances. Those.there are such concepts as theine (caffeine contained in tea from the English tea), theophylline, timbromine. These substances determine the quality and strength of the stimulating effect of the product or drink. Theophylline is inferior in caffeine's stimulating function, but it is more toxic. At the same time it helps to increase urination. Acts slower than caffeine.

Timbromine is less stimulating compared to other substances. It is not found in coffee at all, in tea its concentration is present in a small amount, but most of all it is in cocoa, which makes this drink more or less a stimulant.

Speaking of a stimulant, we mean the effect on the nervous system is exciting: an increase in activity, a surge of energy, blood circulation increases, and so on. Theophylline is found in coffee in very small quantities.

That is, in coffee there is caffeine, and the rest - or not at all or a little at all. And in tea there are all three substances.

Caffeine concentrate in various foods

In addition to tea and coffee, we consume a lot of food and drinks, which are not particularly inferior to the first two in the amount of caffeine. For example, cocoa, Coca-Cola, Red Bull, chocolate, drugs with caffeine, etc.

Compare where the most caffeine is:

1 cup of coffee 90-150mg
Instant coffee (1 hour) 60-80mg
Tea 1 cup 30-70mg
Cola glass 30-50mg
1 Chocolate 20-50mg
1 Pill "Stay-awake" 100mg
1 tablet "Vivarin" 200mg
1 bank Red Bul 80mg
Dry black tea 2-3%
Dry green tea 3-4%
Roasted Coffee Beans 2-2.5%
Green coffee beans 3-4%

Health effects

Caffeine cannot harm health if consumed in moderation. Those who often drink coffee with cigarettes have the opportunity to exacerbate the risk of cardiovascular diseases, but not to develop them. Coffee on an empty stomach often can cause peptic ulcers. Those who drink a lot of coffee a day can become nervous and irritable due to the increased amount of caffeine in the blood.

Overdosing can not cause death, except in cases with large doses (10 or more gr.).

Beginners in the use of coffee can feel a surge of energy, and also caffeine in their body will lead to burning fat.


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