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Which graphics card is better?

The most important component in the computer system unit is a video card (graphics card, graphics card). It is with the help of this device that the images in the computer's memory are converted into a video signal for the monitor. The quality and, more precisely, the technical characteristics (in particular, power) of the video card will depend on the speed and quality of the displayed images. This is often very much appreciated in games, which is why many gamers are so concerned about which graphics card is best for games. And indeed, there are gaming graphics cards that are absolutely not required by those who simply work with office software. That is, deciding which graphics card is better for a laptop or a regular desktop computer, you need to decide on the goals of your work at the computer. This is what we are talking about today.

Which graphics card is better: price segment

To begin with, let's say that now you can meet two monopolists in the domestic market - these are AMD and nVidia (GeForce, GF). It is impossible to say unequivocally which graphics card is better: GeForce or AMD, both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, both nVidia and AMD are distributed across the price segment.

Infrasure price segment

These are the so-called office graphics cards, the cheapest on the market, built into the motherboard.

These video cards include:

  • AMD: HD6450, HD5450, HD4550, etc.
  • nVidia: GF 210-220; GF 410-420-430

Budget price segment

These are cards that have been transferred from a higher price segment for a simple reason - time has passed, and they are no longer relevant, new ones have appeared.

  • AMD: HD 4830, 5670, 6670, etc.
  • nVidia: GF 240, 440, 540, etc.

Medium price segment

The price rises, and the quality (power) of the video card rises. Cards of this segment behave perfectly both in work with graphics and in games. Remember that for such video cards, other components that are appropriate in power, for example, a power supply, are also required.

Examples of cards in this segment can be:

  • AMD: HD 5750, 5770, 6750, 6770, 5850 and HD 6850
  • nVidia: GF 450, 460, 465, 550

Highest price segment

The most expensive video cards, which for your money will give the highest rate of performance and power. True, choosing it, remember that you may have to change all the components of the computer.

Examples of standards in this segment are:

AMD: HD 5870, 5970, 6870, 6950, 6970, 6990, etc.

nVidia: GF 285, 470, 480, 570, 580, 590, etc.

Here, in fact, how to determine which nVidia video card is better, which one is better for AMD. Rely on your goals to look to the future.What does it mean? This means that the choice of video card should be based on the relevance of the video card.

Video Card Relevance

What does "video card relevance" mean? Rather, this is information for fans of video games. Everyone knows that the games come out again and again, the graphics get more complicated, more power is required ... The old video card no longer pulls the game, everything is buggy and slows down. Here is a new version of the game, and you understand that you need a more powerful video card. You can buy a budget segment card and play for a couple of months without lags until a new version of the game is released, again requiring power. If you immediately buy a video card of a higher price segment, you can enjoy any toys that will delight you with your output for a long time. That time when the card still pulls the game and applications, and is called the period of its relevance.


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