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Which stroller is best for each season?

If you instruct a man to choose a baby carriage, he will approach the solution of the issue, as if choosing a car, based on its logic. Men determine for what season of the year it is needed and choose the most comfortable from their point of view.

In fact, it turns out the choice between a jeep analog - a two-module sidecar, and a convertible analog - a walk. In life, carriages are chosen mostly by mothers, so they have to solve a contradiction: with a good appearance, how strong will it be on uneven or snow-covered sites? How to choose an all-terrain children's car that fits easily in an elevator?

Answer the questions below. Article is written on materialsblog.aport.ru.

What kind of stroller to buy?

The one that corresponds to the time of the year will serve for a long time, comfortable for the baby, convenient for parents, and therefore multifunctional.

The ideal case, when there are several wheelchairs available, is not at all acceptable for most Russian families.Most of the time, the excess of wheelchairs is found in families not for the reason to chuck out every season, but because of the failed first choice: the wheelchair is broken or very uncomfortable to use. Nobody has canceled the saying about the miserly thing that pays twice, but it's not about the greed of parents or relatives, but the abundance of wheelchairs on the market that customers have “eyes of a scatter” and it is difficult to understand all the nuances.

Therefore, our article reveals the topic, what kind of stroller to buy, so as not to overpay and remain satisfied with your purchase.

Winter strollers

The absence of the stroller must be urgently compensated for when the child is already there, or the estimated date of birth is known. Parents of newborns in late autumn without a warm stroller can not do. Those living in Russia should not forget that our winters are not mild, but cold and snowy. The choice of stroller must fit our winters.

For winter options include: combination strollers with 2 or 3 modules, transformers and strollers with a cradle.

Distinctive features characteristic of winter strollers:

  • the presence of the cradle;
  • warm finish;
  • moisture and windproof materials;
  • extensive hood that goes down as much as possible;
  • protective covers for the cradle and legs in the walking version;
  • large rubber wheels;
  • satisfactory depreciation.

Strollers are used for newborn babies - they are not supposed to sit, for babies - those who like to sleep on a walk or who wish to stay awake.

Main advantages:

  • tall, mother does not have to stoop low;
  • big wheels - roll well;
  • voluminous - a fur envelope is placed;
  • long hood with a number of positions;
  • a vast place for things;
  • wide robust frame with shock absorbers.

Interior decoration and protective cover are made of materials that do not let the wind in, moisture, so a child in winter overalls and an envelope of fur, in a cradle, can walk for a long time - breathe clean air in a warm bed.

But if it’s good in the cradle, in the cradle, in the winter, then with the onset of spring, the raised baby needs a stroller for walks, and its functions are completely different. A growing child seeks to sit, so he has more opportunities to see or even touch everything around.

Therefore, young families recently choose universal strollers, consisting of 2 or 3 modules,and also look towards transforming wheelchairs, which easily turn from a cradle into a walk without changing blocks.

Modular strollers are used for 3 years, when it is believed that the child wants to go sitting, and not to march independently next to the mother.

Designers of wheelchairs offer a wide variety of appearance models and functions present. Manufacturers are all expanding the color range, competing in the ingenuity of the shape of the frame and support. There are strollers on 3, 4 or even 6 wheels. In the latter case, twin wheels are present. Thus, the designers solve the issues of wheelchair stability and design of new models.

What kind of stroller to buy for a child, parents choose in accordance with their taste and confidence in its stability, the purchase budget plays an important role here.

It should be borne in mind that many strollers on three wheels are expensive models, innovation is being introduced by European brands, often these are 2 or 3 in 1 block models. Newly introduced modularity and well-known brands require additional fees.

Advantages of three-wheeled models

  • First, it is universal seasonal options for walking, both in autumn and in spring.For summer, they are also suitable not to buy a summer carriage separately. About them will be discussed below.
  • Second, tricycles - look original and spectacular.
  • Third, their designs are due to innovative solutions in the folding method and fabrication materials - maximum simplicity and convenience combined with special mobility in management.

Three-wheeled strollers can be both walking type and modular (2 in 1 and 3 in 1) - in this case a module of a cradle or a walking unit is attached in turn to a frame with three support points.

Disadvantages of tricycles

Having two modules strollers on three wheels make a spectacular impression. This innovation did not add practicality to the wheelchairs, but rather the opposite. With such a stroller is difficult in urban environments, because ramps are designed for 4-support structures. So there are difficulties in descending the stairwells or in the metro, at the entrance / exit of buildings. Yes, and not in every elevator you will stop at it.

If to recollect, originally three-wheeled carriages began to be used by sports mums of the townspeople who make walks with the child at a fast pace, after all the wheelchair with a rotating forward wheel moves much more easily.

Later, modular systems began to be installed on the newly invented frame, it looks bright and bright. But recreational models seem to be more reliable.

Important features of the tricycle

If your choice is a three-wheel model, choose rubber wheels and more with the presence of front wheel locking, on some surfaces it is extremely necessary. There are options for wheelchairs on three supports, but with four wheels, in which case a twin pair of wheels improves stability, especially with small discs.

The important point is the presence of a handle that is thrown, so you can vary the walk (the baby sees the mother or overlooks the surroundings), avoid wind, dust in the face, bright sunlight in the eyes.

This is a weighty argument for many defining. For example, this design has a stroller premium segment Quinny Moodd Natural delight, but it costs quite a lot.

You can, of course, have a model with a fixed handle, but then choose with a large viewing window in the hood.

The Chicco Activ3 stroller is bulky and heavy, but absolutely not replaceable on the road. This all-terrain vehicle, is not afraid of any weather, it is enough for more than one generation.

Summer strollers

For summer, choose a light model.The smart solution in this case is the cane.

Such models when folding like an umbrella. Very light, their weight is nothing. Fabric fastening is never too tight. It is convenient to take them on trips and roll in smooth dry paths in warm days.

Main manufacturers of baby strollers

With a large variety of models and manufacturers, this question interests many. It has long been noticed that the formula: name-reliability-price is logical and has its own meaning. But not everyone can afford the prices established by world famous brands. There is no doubt that new technologies created by companies for frames and brake systems, reliability and safety cost money.

Budget options for wheelchairs are also diverse. Here are its foremost workers and laggards. Many mothers buy strollers from Chinese or Polish manufacturers at affordable prices and are quite satisfied with their attractive design, the strength of frames and connecting elements and the functions present.

Among the worthy vendors are Sino-American Geoby and Goodbaby, Jetem from Germany, Seca from Russia, Baby Care and Capella from Poland, although the production itself is in China. These firms have strollers from premium to budget.

Walking options wheelchairs from the German brands of Teutonia, Concord, Hartan, Hauck, Noordline, TFK, Zekiwa, FD-Design will cost at least $ 100. At times, their modular version will be more expensive.

Wealthy families can afford a complete set and style. They like to choose among the British brands Maclaren, Silver Cross, Britax, Happy Baby.

Original design solutions for the corresponding cost and good quality products are observed in the Dutch manufacturers EasyWalker, Maxi-Cosi, Mutsy, Nuna, Quinny, as well as their colleagues from Norway Esspero, Noordi, Stokke.

Previously, our market received mainly strollers from Italian manufacturers Chicco and Peg Perego. They were considered exemplary. Their quality and functionality are not subject to doubt, and they continue to be popular.

However, when choosing a stroller, preference is given to the design features of the model, pay attention to the functionality and convenience in operation. After all, even the well-known brands are not very successful products.

Using our tips, you can choose an acceptable stroller among all the variety.

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