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Who killed Kennedy?

The mysterious murder of one of the most brilliant politicians of the New World is still shrouded in mystery. Polls show that only a small part of Americans believe in the official version of how Kennedy was killed. Take a look at the facts.

In the autumn of 1963, John F. Kennedy made visits to the states of America as part of the preparatory program for the presidential elections of 1964. On June 5, among other things, it was decided to visit Texas, namely Dallas. On November 19, the route of the president’s motorcade was published in the Dallas city newspapers, the destination of which was the Dallas Convention Center. It was here that a solemn banquet was scheduled, but it was never to be held.

On the morning of November 22, the Kennedy couple and US Vice President Lyndon Johnson arrived in Dallas. At 11:50, the presidential motorcade moved from the airport to the city. In the limousine that the president and his wife were in, there were also agents of the secret service and the governor of the state of Texas — John Connally and his wife, Nellie. Along the route of the motorcade, he was greeted by more than 200 thousand people.

At 12:30, before entering the Dallas Commerce Square, shots rang out. Bullets hit the head and neck of the president. He was immediately given first aid.However, the injuries were too serious, and at 13:00 the death was officially recorded as a result of a head injury.

For ten months, the murder was investigated by a commission led by the chairman of the US Supreme Court, Earl Warren, the so-called Warren Commission.

Basic versions of who killed Kennedy

  1. Official version. On the day of the murder, an hour later, a certain Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, who, according to the commission, shot from a nearby book depository. Harvey was arrested the same night and was charged. However, two days later, when he was taken out of the police station, accompanied by police, he was killed by the owner of a nightclub, Jack Ruby. Wine Oswald has never been officially confirmed in court. The version has been and is being heavily criticized. The sole participation poses a big question at least the fact that it would take 2-3 seconds to reload the Harvey rifle, and the gap between the first and the second shot was 1.8 seconds. A version of the so-called "magic bullet", the trajectory of which contradicted all the laws of physics, also seemed unlikely.Accordingly, either Oswald had an accomplice, or he was not involved in the murder at all.
  2. Order of the Soviet special services. Many Americans believe that the "hand of Moscow" was involved in the Kennedy assassination. First, as soon as it turned out during the investigation, Harvey lived for some time in Moscow and, naturally, was under the hood of an all-seeing KGB. There were also motives - at least the Cuban question and the operation "Anadyr", during which the Russians suffered heavy losses.
  3. Cuban track. Another popular version of the one who killed Kennedy. In the early 1960s, the CIA conducted campaigns to overthrow political figures abroad, including several attempts against Fidel Castro. Thus, the American-Cuban relations of that time cannot be called friendly. This version, however, has not so many supporters. It is known that when Castro was asked to comment on the suspicions of involvement in the murder, he said that he had to be crazy when he decided to kill the president of a country that could wipe his small country off the face of the earth.
  4. American mafia With the beginning of his presidency, Kennedy began to struggle stubbornly with an overgrown criminal network. More and more gangsters became sued.Perhaps the criminal world did not like it, and its representatives decided to act in such a radical way.

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