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Why are watery eyes?

In this article, we give different reasons why adults and children may have watery eyes. Let's start with the most common causes, and then consider others.

The main reasons why a person has watery eyes

  • Vitamin B2 deficiency is one of the main causes of persistent tearing in humans. The fact is that riboflavin (one of the B2 varieties) is quite intensively consumed by the body during heavy physical exertion. If at the same time a person does not eat properly, then as a result - lacrimation and other disorders. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a diet with a high content of riboflavin. It can be dairy products, eggs, liver, cheese, durum, as well as vegetables (cucumbers, beans) and fruits (bananas).
  • Another reason for your “tearfulness” can be that you wear contact lenses that do not suit you. In this case, the eyes become tense and as a result, tears flow. It may also be that you have a very sensitive cornea. In any case, you need to try for some time without lenses to make it clear whether they are really the cause of your problem.If this is the case, you need to replace the lenses by contacting an ophthalmologist. Also, the cause of tearing can be the wrong solution for storing lenses.
  • The next reason why watery eyes are allergic to any makeup product. Here you need to check each tool in turn, without using it for a while. Once you find the cause, replace this makeup with a more suitable one.
  • Increased tearing can be observed in office workers. This can occur for two reasons: either the air in the room is too dry, or the monitor emits strong radiation that is harmful to the eyes (especially if it is an old lamp monitor).
  • If the tearing is accompanied by redness of the eyes, runny nose and itching, then most likely you have conjunctivitis. Also, with conjunctivitis, the temperature may rise and fester eyelids. In this case, you need to consult a doctor.

Why do baby's eyes water?

In children, the causes of lacrimation in the first place are just conjunctivitis, most often not allergic, but bacterial or viral, which are very infectious for the child. In viral conjunctivitis, the eyes are very watery, and discharge from the eyes eventually becomes cloudy - with purulent impurities.

With bacterial conjunctivitis, which begins very quickly, the eyes turn sour and stick together overnight from secretions so that they are very difficult to open. Meanwhile, he is treated fairly easily, just in this case you should not delay a visit to the doctor.

Also, the reason that children's eyes constantly watering, can be a common allergy (or allergic conjunctivitis). Most often, such an allergy happens in spring and summer, when everything is blooming and smelling. Sometimes the cause of eye allergies is household chemicals or pet hair.

Why do cats have watery eyes

Causes of lacrimation in cats are much the same as in humans: allergies, conjunctivitis.

In case of an allergy, special medicines are prescribed by the veterinarian, however, in order for the animal to fully recover, it is necessary to eliminate the irritating factor itself. If it is household chemicals, try using another tool. Sometimes cats are allergic, for example, to poplar fluff. In this case, during the flowering of the poplars, do not let your pet out on the street.

But feline conjunctivitis is much more difficult to treat than a similar disease in humans.Here you need a comprehensive treatment and you need to use a variety of drugs, and, what exactly, only a veterinarian can say.

Also the reason that your pet has watery eyes may be a feature of the breed. In breeds such as rexes, the sphinxes of the eyelids are wrapped, which can result in various mechanical eye injuries that can only be treated with surgery.

Why does a kitten have watery eyes

This question is easier to answer. The fact is that little kittens are still simply unable to care for their eyes on their own. Therefore, drip them special drops.

Another common cause of lacrimation in kittens is their weak immunity. Most likely, either the kittens were not vaccinated, or viruses or worms started to enter the body. Here the vet will help you.


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