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Why do my hands hurt?

What could be worse than pain? According to statistics, the percentage of people who are treated with pain in their hands has doubled over the past three years. Today we will try to find out why our hands hurt.

In fact, the causes for the occurrence of pain in the hands are vast, but the most common is muscle fatigue. Very often, after some rest, all symptoms quickly disappear. But if you are worried about the constant pain in a certain area of ​​the hand, then this question must be studied in more detail. An option with arthritis is also not excluded, with it the pain can disappear unnoticed and also appear unexpectedly. It is impossible to ignore the possibility of a hidden fracture, it is quite difficult to detect it yourself, and injury occurs only when loads on a damaged place occur. That is why you should always carefully listen to your body and know at least the main possible causes of pain, which we consider below.

Why do your fingers hurt

Almost 95% of all physical labor we do with our hands.The hand and fingers are the most mobile and fragile parts of the hand. It is very important to monitor the health of these parts of the body. Increasingly, not only the elderly, but also young people complain of pain in the joints and fingers. Why do your hands hurt?

  1. Gout. This disease often manifests itself as pain in the joints of the fingers. They appear a strong burning sensation, redness of the skin and even fever. Often the disease spreads not only by the hand, but also to the joints of the thumbs.
  2. Arthritis. All known disease. It causes pain in the joints of the fingers, sometimes swelling, redness of the skin and even swelling of the joints. The severity of the disease often depends on the cause.
  3. Arthrosis Causes severe and constantly progressive deformation of the joints. Often the disease does not develop quickly, gradually. In the initial stages, pain in the joints of the fingers (mostly symmetrical) occurs, often a feeling of stiffness and numbness (especially in the morning). In the later stages, the brush is deformed, the skin and muscles become coarser, and thinning occurs.

In addition to these reasons, there are many other diseases that can cause pain in the hand or in the fingers.For example, the so-called “tunnel syndrome” is becoming increasingly common, which is one of the main reasons why hand joints hurt in today's youth. This syndrome occurs as a result of regular repetition of stereotypical movements (a vivid example is working with a mouse). Most often manifested in the form of sensitive disorders (this may include various pecking pain, numbness, tingling, etc.), motor disorders (weakness, loss of full functionality), as well as trophic changes (noticeable dips in muscles, volume reduction, etc. P.).

Why does the left hand hurt

If you hurt only a particular hand, then it is necessary to consult a doctor. The cause of pain in the left hand can be a trifle like a bruise, a pinched nerve, or similar pain can signal future problems with the heart and other organs.

Why does the right arm hurt

The causes of pain in the right hand are almost identical to the causes of pain in the left, with only a few remarks. Since the right hand is the main worker, it can have quite specific syndromes, for example, “writing syndrome”.Of course, such a statement is valid only if you are right handed. If you are left-handed, the situation will look exactly the opposite.


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