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Why does not Avito open?

March 18, 2015
Why does not Avito open?

On the site, anyone can make a sale of a variety of goods. Every day, this site is viewed by millions of users. Many thanks to Avito sell and make money on it. Therefore, for many people, Avito operation is extremely important. If the user cannot do anything with interruptions in the work of the site server, then he can deal with the problems that depend on him. In this article we will look at why Avito does not open.

Connection problem

First of all, you should always check whether your connection is stable. It is possible that you have disconnected the cable or the cable bandwidth is quite low, the problem may be in the collection of the modem. You only need to reboot the modem once and the connection can get better.

Tariff plan

The tariff plan may also cause a slow connection. The fact is that the information on Avito is constantly updated, and this requires the processing of a large amount of information from the browser.To carry out such a procedure is quite difficult with a slow Internet. Therefore, if it is very important for you that the Avito website is updated quickly, we recommend updating to the tariff plan at a higher speed.

Virus software

The activity of virus programs can also negatively affect the work with the Avito site. It is imperative that you regularly scan your computer in order to detect viruses that may block the site.

Excess cache

It is important to regularly clear your browser from the cache. To do this, you should go to the browser history and select the item "Clear history". If necessary, you will also need to clear the cookies. You can select the option to clear cookies in the history clear menu.


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