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Why dream of a swamp?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
February 24, 2015
Why dream of a swamp?

A swamp seen in a dream can alarm a person. But do not immediately worry, because it is not always a bad sign. Let us consider in more detail what the swamp dreams about.

Autumn dream

If you saw a swamp in which someone was sinking, then in real life you have to lend a helping hand to someone from unfamiliar people. By doing this, you can improve your life. If you had to overcome a swamp in your dream, then in real life you will need to make an important decision. Your financial situation will depend on it.

Summer dream

If in a dream you were drowning in a swamp, then this is a great loss. If you chose from it, then in real life you can avoid a serious danger. If you were just near the swamp, then someone from your loved ones will fall into the bad company. To see how the swamp in a dream is overflowing with frogs - to acquire real estate, but you have to overpay for it.

Small Veles dream

Drown in a swamp in a dream - to failure.To help one to get out of him is to get wealth. If you have seen in a dream, as the swamp is drained, then wait for trouble. They are likely to occur at work. It is possible that you decide to change it. If in a dream you walked through a swamp, then this is to an unexpected joy. Seeing the dead come out of the swamp - to the unexpected arrival of relatives from another country.

Dream for the whole family

If you were drowning in a swamp, then such a dream is a kind of warning that recently you have begun to live by inertia. You need to start taking initiative and be more energetic. Seeing someone drowning in a swamp and screaming for help is a chance to change their lives for the better.


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