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Why dream of a towel

A towel dream embodies the purity of relationships, hospitality, hospitality, a long journey and an exciting journey. But if this bathing accessory is dirty or wet - one should beware of family problems and failures in the working area.

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Why dream of a towel

Russian people's dream book

The towel is new, clean - dreams for joyful events, long-awaited guests, serious relationships.

Wiping their face is a good sign. Wipe your hands together with someone with a towel - to spat, misunderstanding, possible quarrels.

Dirty - to a series of conflicts with relatives.

Dream Esoterica Tsvetkova

Dream interpretation explains the image of a dirty, old or wet towel as a warning of deception. Trick can be expected from close friends.

Ukrainian dream book

Wet towel - to tears, to spread it - to the unsuccessful trip or the possible death of someone of your friends.

Embroidered bath accessory dreams of news from a loved one.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

To the exit from the predicament - this is what dreams of a towel, if it is clean, and the dreamer wipes them off.

Just to see the towel - to the easy road, the trip will pass without difficulty.Throw yourself on yourself, hide yourself clean - you can expect a joyful event. It is not excluded easy flirting, intimacy with your loved one.

Dirty - to participate in a dubious event. Embroidered - to the good news, useful information.

Esoteric dream book

The interpreter explains this symbol as a caution. Health deserves attention. The larger the size of this accessory, the more serious the disease. Give a towel - do not really show off your achievements, they will jinx them.

Chinese dream book

The towel is almost always dreaming of the disease. It is necessary to adhere to preventive measures and spend more time at night.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Acquire a towel - for family well-being, understanding, trusting relationships. They dream of wiping up to the fact that soon the reality of the dreamer will understand that the decision in the controversial case was right.

To erase - in reality it is necessary to correct the mistakes made earlier. This will not be easy, but worth it. The good name will be restored.

Kitchen towel - the spouse will bring trouble. Waffle - you need to be ready to cheat. Terry - should improve relations with neighbors or colleagues, until the situation has worsened.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

A clean, new, beautiful towel - to success, peace of mind, a pleasant pastime. Dirty, wet - failure to work is possible, you need to double-check the “nodal” moments.


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