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Why dream of meat?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
August 3, 2012
Why dream of meat?

All people see dreams - black and white, colored, boring and exciting. But not everyone knows what a particular dream can mean. What is the meaning of the exciting night adventures in the back streets of your subconscious? Let's find out why meat dreams according to the versions of various dream books and predictors.

Dream Chow Song

If a person sees in a dream that he eats raw meat, then soon misfortunes await him, if the meat in a dream is ready and tasty, then, on the contrary, joyful events await him.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

To see raw meat in a dream means quick troubles, but if a person eats meat in a dream, then he is threatened with diseases. Bad events associated with the illness of relatives or with their own illness - this is what dreams of raw meat.

English dream book

If a person in a dream cuts off a piece of meat for someone, then soon he will do the same in reality - in a different, charitable form. If in a dream he cuts off this piece for himself, then success in trade awaits him.

Dream Miller

If a woman sees raw meat in a dream, then this means that there are many obstacles on her way to her wishes. Then why dream of boiled meat in this case? To the fact that some other people achieved the goals that she wanted to achieve.

Muslim dream book

For a person to see meat in a dream means a kind of forbidden property. If the meat is cooked, that is, boiled or fried, it means that the forbidden property belongs to the powerful serious person.

Slavic dream book

Eating meat in a dream means coming illness. The worse the quality of meat in a dream, the harder the disease or damage that will happen to a person in reality. Raw meat means trouble, rotten - great loss. However, human flesh in a dream will mean well-being in all matters.

Small dream book

Raw meat, dreamed of a woman, warns her about the possible dangers and obstacles in the way. If a man dreams of a butcher who cuts the carcass and is smeared in the blood, then this is the foreboding of the illness of someone close to him.


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