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Why is a man talking in a dream?

Galina Devyatkina
Galina Devyatkina
April 15, 2015
Why is a man talking in a dream?

Often you can witness such a phenomenon as a person talking in a dream. Often such “brain tricks” are peculiar mainly to men and can be inherited. Hearing the words that a person utters in a dream, do not need to be afraid. This is not a pathology. To understand why a person is talking in a dream, you need to study this phenomenon.

The reasons for talking in a dream

Thanks to scientific research, it was found that sleep is the same biological process as wakefulness, and no fewer nerve cells are assigned to its activity that are able to control the entire process. Accordingly, a person is able to reproduce words, sounds, and even gestures without engaging the mind. This confirms the disease as sleepwalking, characterized by chaotic walking in a dream.

To reproduce speech in a dream is most often possible when its first phase is observed,in which the brain analyzes the brightest and most prominent events that have occurred over a certain period of time. Accordingly, such “conversations” at night do not pose a danger to life and health and are not pathological.

Is this a dangerous phenomenon?

There is also a reverse side of the coin. Some statements of scientists are aimed at the fact that a person can talk in a dream when the brain is not able to completely relax due to constant emotional stress.

Such nerve impulses can cause involuntary speech, devoid of meaning. Especially such inexplicable facts are manifested in people who are able to clearly perceive all events, both positive and negative.

Strong emotional outbursts “settle” for a long time in the subcortex, and every time a person tries to relax, nerve impulses convey information about a particular event, causing even the subconscious level to experience the same life situation.

Why people talk in a dream, we can only assume, based on scientific facts, the true reason remains a mystery.

Thus, having heard how close people are talking in a dream, you should not panic, but it would not be superfluous for a neurologist to appear.


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