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Why is computer noisy?

One of the main causes of noise in a computer is ordinary room dust. The main components of dust are whitewash, exfoliated parts of the skin and hair. It is advisable to avoid the appearance and accumulation of dust in the house, to have an ordinary air conditioner, but this is a miracle of technology to have, not everyone can afford. But you can not also take the power supply fan for a single dust-absorbing device. To do this, there is a regular vacuum cleaner, which is desirable to use daily, not to mention the wet cleaning. But, despite all the efforts and efforts, the dust is still there and will be, and computer elements that rotate will still make noise sooner or later.


First of all, the fan in the computer rustles, or more simply, the cooler. So, the power supply cooler, functioning all day, sucks up dust in large quantities, while also at high speed. Due to this, dust penetrates into all the holes and cracks, settles on all parts and details of the computer. The dust itself will not cause a closure, of course, but it may settle on the contacts and electrify, which is also not a very good phenomenon.Also, dust has the ability to absorb everything that is in the air, including various chemicals, which can affect the performance of computer board components over time. And finally, the dust that falls under the cooler bushes is the reason that the computer is noisy when turned on, and during the work itself. Even the most modern, ball-bearing fans made by Intel, do not have protection against dust, and after a certain time they also unpleasantly start making noise during their work.

But what if the computer is noisy? The answer is simple, you need to clean it from dust.


Before cleaning, you must turn off the computer from the network, then the cooler must be disconnected from the processor, then disconnected from the power supply. Then you need to very carefully try to remove the blades from it. The blades rotate on a special axis, which is fixed, as a rule, by a washer. The puck should be carefully picked up, and the blades should be easily removed. Dust should be wiped off with a brush or a soft bristled brush, non-electric elements can be washed with warm water and baby soap. After that, the parts of the cooler must be dried thoroughly, and lubricated with a heat-resistant lubricant, the usual one does not fit, because when the processor heats up, it will simply leak onto it.Lubricant can be purchased at a radio parts store; barium paste is recommended. After that, we collect everything in a pile and install it in place, connect it to the power supply, and that's it! Noise should no longer be.

Power Supply

Sometimes you have to clean the power supply itself. This task is not easy, you have to unscrew a lot of bolts and disconnect from the unit itself all system devices of the computer. If you don�t really understand the computer, it�s better not to do it yourself, or you need to mark all disconnected wires and parts. Disconnect and pull out the power supply after disconnecting all devices. The computer began to make noise for the same reason, for sure, there is also a lot of dust in the casing of the power supply and in its cooler. Erase all dirt and dust in the same way as described in the section on the CPU cooler. Just take in hand all the details of the power supply should be carefully, because they can be fragile, and in the end everything can end in failure.

case cover

Also, perhaps, the computer began to make noise, for the simple reason that the case cover is loosely screwed. In this case, you can be helped by any type of rubber gasket, which should be placed under all loosely closed surfaces of the body, after which it is good to tighten all the screws and nuts.There is also an option how to get rid of this problem with the help of a drill, with which you make a couple of additional holes, into which you insert the bolts and tighten the housing in new places, but this is already for someone like.


You cleaned all possible coolers and the power supply itself, produced all the recommended measures, but still not that? Why is the computer noisy? You ask if I cleaned all the coolers and fans? The question may be covered in a hard disk or hard drive. It is only one speck of dust to get on the head of the disk surface, and at that time it becomes like a milling cutter. Manufacturers have provided this factor, and protected the hard drive with a system of filters that do not allow dust, but each filter has its own life, and when the filter in the hard disk fails, it is impossible to replace it. After that, you have to buy a new hard drive. But this happens quite rarely, and, as a rule, filters on hard disks serve for a very long time.

In the article we discussed the main problems of the question, why the computer is noisy. If, after all the recommendations, the computer continues to make noise, it is better to visit some service center for its repair.


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