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Why is man bad?

In the course of their lives, every person has probably come across a state of depression. Often, this problem occurs against the background of personal experiences, but it can be the result of a disease or simply feeling unwell. In some cases, it even seems that depression has no real reason, although we should immediately say that such a state does not happen to be groundless. In this article we will talk about why a person is bad and how to deal with it.

Main causes of depression

According to statistics, the most frequent cause of depression is the loss of a loved one. And it can be as the death of a relative or friend, or just break the relationship with a loved one. Naturally, much depends on the degree of attachment and other details.

In addition, the state of depression often develops against the background of general fatigue and tension. Thus, a person who is physically depleted, performing excessive amounts of work, feels spiritual emptiness, which indicates that he needs a break.

Interestingly, the opposite situation can lead a person to depression. That is, if he has a lot of free time, but cannot occupy himself with anything interesting, then he spends all this time, plunging into himself. Such a state is peculiar, first of all, to the most emotional and sensitive natures. According to some studies, depression is most often affected by women. Perhaps precisely because of its sensitivity.

Another cause of bad mood and negative attitudes towards reality is various diseases. When a person feels unwell, which lasts more than one day, he unwittingly adjusts to the negative. Agree, it is difficult to feel the persistent presence of the spirit when you are tormented by constant pain or feeling unwell.

But it also happens that physical indisposition is not a cause, but a consequence of a depressive state. It turns out that fears, anxiety, heartache and other symptoms lead to poor health and even the development of any disease. There is another situation that a person begins to feel as if he is seriously ill and will even die soon.In fact, psychologists often call this condition a consequence of lack of attention and emotional communication.

Loneliness (real or perceived) very often underlies the development of depression. When a person lacks warmth, support, love and understanding, he can close in on himself. Of course, all people have such periods, but in some cases they can address a serious psychological problem that will have to be solved by radical methods. On the topic, also read our article Why I feel so bad.

What to do?

If depression is caused by the loss of a loved one, then it should be realized that life goes on, even if you do not want to live at all. Very often, people fail to cope with depression precisely because they do not find the strength to live in the present and let go of the past. If there are no sensitive people around, you should contact a psychologist.

When the state of devastation is associated with increased fatigue, then no medication will correct the situation until the person rests. It is not necessary to go to the resort if there is no such possibility. You can take at least a few days off and spend them the way you want - go to a club with friends, visit a museum or just lie on the couch with your favorite book.

If, on the contrary, you have a state of “doing nothing”, then you should find yourself a way to express yourself. In this case, work is the best way. If you do not want to work, pay attention to other activities. Hobbies and sports are great help to occupy themselves and escape from gloomy thoughts.

Health problems should also be resolved immediately. If they are not confirmed by the diagnosis, but they disturb you, then again, the help of a psychologist is needed. When the disease is established by a doctor, you need to monitor your own health, and not succumb to the negative and aggravate the situation. Remember that your spiritual world is closely intertwined with physiology.

And finally, some important tips:

  • Avoid communicating with pessimistic people.
  • More often, allow yourself small joys in the form of favorite activities.
  • Get out into the fresh air more often.
  • Connect with interesting and positive people.
  • Attend interesting events, even if it seems that there is no time for them.
  • Eat healthy foods.
  • Indulge yourself with shopping and sweets from time to time.

And help each other overcome similar states!


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