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Why a member of the curve?

For any person it is very important that he is completely healthy and mentally and physically. A special topic in this sensitive issue is given to the question of the curvature of the penis. So why a member of the curve? Often, men feel healthy, but this is precisely the problem that prevents them from leading a normal sex life. Today we will try to understand this issue.


It is worth writing that the curvature of the term can be either congenital or acquired. It manifests itself with an erection (the member deviates to one side, the curvature usually ranges from three to seven percent). Naturally, if a member of the curve, then doctors recommend surgical correction: if sexual intercourse is not possible or there are obstacles to sexual intercourse, also for pain during erection or the process of sex itself.

Types of curvature

  • from birth (the possibility of an erection is preserved, this is due to the shortening of the urethra);
  • curvature acquired (reason: blunt trauma, fracture of the penis, narrowing of the urethra)

Peyronie's Disease

So why a member of the curve? Is the fault of mechanical damage and nature? No, unfortunately, it is very often the Peyronie's disease (this is manifested only when the member is erect).In this disease, fibrous tissue changes at the border of the bloodstream and the white membrane. Usually this disease is affected by men over the age of forty, the cases of the twenty-year-olds are much less.

Signs of

With this disease, I begin to feel pain during an erection, fibrous plaque and curvature of the penis (tissue elasticity decreases). The treatment may be different, it all depended on how uncomfortable the man was. The operation is carried out if the penis is severely twisted and this makes impossible the sexual life of a person.

Treatment of this problem

The treatment is performed by surgery. In it, the doctor shortens the white shell and the curvature decreases. When you do not know what to do, if the curve is a member, go to the clinic and consult with a specialist, you may need an operation.

  • the imposition of longitudinal stitching seams on the white shell of a member of the patient. Pre-excise this white shell. With this method, the operation is very fast and practically without blood. Nerves and vessels in this operation are not damaged.
  • resection of the part of the white shell and the edges of the defect are interconnected.This method of surgical intervention is rarely used because of possible unpleasant consequences (development of dysfunction during erection). Suitable for the treatment of congenital penis curvature.

We hope that you will deal with your problem. We can add that in the nineteenth century, people struggled with this disease with the help of arsenic and iodine and camphor. Fortunately, these methods are now obsolete, and the new, more secure ones have come to notice. If kvass still has questions, then you can see a photo of a crooked member; there is a different image of congenital and acquired curvature in the world wide web. But in any case, we strongly advise you to visit the doctor's office.


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