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Why do men fear a serious relationship?

Joint evenings with a bottle of wine near the fireplace and peaceful walks through the city at night, a double parachute jump and anxious waiting in thoughts of upcoming meetings are the verge of anxious feeling between a man and a woman. Sincere love stops time and pushes on insane deeds, awakens hidden potential and breaks beds that cannot withstand the unbridled passion of two hearts. During the romantic period, the partners gradually recognize each other, discovering the hidden corners of their own souls. However, often lovers linger on the stage of a promising union, not securing feelings by marriage.

Why do men fear a serious relationship?

The main reason for this course of events is the uncertainty of a man who deliberately avoids going to the registry office. Given the needs of women in love relationships, the current situation is not included in her plans, so the girl begins to diligently solve the emerging problem. Women's dilemma involves many questionswhich will have to find exhaustive answers: what thoughts guides the chosen one? What stops a lover? How to help a partner? Because of what a man hesitates with a proposal of the hand and heart? Where to look for help? What useful advice should psychologists adhere to? Why do men fear a serious relationship?

Affecting a man with magic and sorcery is a waste of time. A guy can make an offer to the chosen one about legalizing relations, but the sincerity of the marriage union is called into question. Interference in the privacy of otherworldly forces never remains without a trace

Category of unpromising men: special cases

If the problem really lies in the man, then the girl must first decide on the format of the love union. The existing model of relations makes it possible to single out categories of hopeless and indecisive guys, from whom it is useless to wait for fateful action. Women often spend their youth on unpromising connections, meeting with the following "varieties" of men:

  • married guys who initially do not plan to divorce their spouses for the sake of a new woman and regard the relationship as a short-term intrigue;
  • young guys, a priori not ready for a serious relationship;
  • pathological liars, whose genetics presupposes the predominance of the dominant quality - polymagic
  • "Sluggish" guys who do not consider marriage as the apogee of the relationship;
  • self-sufficient elects, not thinking about the need to legalize a love union;
  • unbalanced partners with mental disorders and the presence of an internal conflict of personality.

If your lover belongs to one of the above categories, then think about parting - men will take years to correct the established way of life. Women are ready to start a family earlier than the representatives of the stronger sex, so waiting for this amount of time is an inexpedient decision, which implies unreasonable risks on the part of the girl.

Why do men fear a serious relationship?

The guy can not decide on a responsible step, leaving the chosen one at the “broken trough”. For the search for a new partner, the upset and depressed woman has no desire, and the awakened maternal instinct only exacerbates the scale of the situation. In order not to spoil your own life, directly ask your chosen one about his intentions.If the answer is no, then gather strength and part with the guy.

If you love your chosen one, then respect his fears. Such phobias appear on the subconscious and instinctive levels, so a man can get rid of mental agony only after a certain period of time. The task of the woman is to help the future spouse overcome the obstacles erected by the mind

Common male fears - fear of a serious relationship

Often, the reasons for the slowness of men who do not dare to ascend to the next level of love relationships are the following reasons:

  • Uncertainty in their own libido, which a woman can guess under the condition of cohabitation. Guys are often worried that they will not be able to meet the sexual needs of the chosen one every day. Men do not take into account that the frequency of intimacy over time consistently decreases.
  • The approaching prospect of paternity, which is a priori in a serious relationship. The lack of confidence in the desire to have a child is a weighty argument for men who avoid marriage.
  • If a woman earns more than a man, then he does not seriously think about legalizing relations. Unrealized ambitions of the guy automatically delay the moment of truth. To marry a financially secure girl who occupies a higher place in society, they will want only gigolo, pursue mercantile goals.
  • Insecurity in their own abilities, projecting a negative result in the mind of a man. The guys gathered to make a proposal to the beloved often wind themselves up by thinking up various scenarios. In one room, the woman waits for the fateful words from the elect, and in the other he reflects on the likelihood of a positive response from her partner.
  • Men to the last delay the moment of acquaintance of the future spouse with mother, worrying about mutual understanding of the bride with parents. In some cases, a strong mental connection between the son and the mother became the reason for the separation of the boy from the girl who was not approved by the family council.
  • The main fear of a man - the loss of independence, involving the deprivation of the charms of bachelorhood. The freedom-loving guys diligently postpone the fateful event, wishing to enjoy the privileges of the polygamous "male" as much as possible.

Why do men fear a serious relationship?

It is possible and necessary to get rid of these phobias in order to rationally assess the prospect of marriage with a lover. If a man does not realize in time the need to go to the registry office, then over time it will be even harder to convince the guy. The ideal option is the help of a professional psychologist who will be able to correctly diagnose male fear by proposing effective methods of treatment. An alternative way for women is to create a peaceful atmosphere that is conducive to making the right decision.

To force a man to take a serious step towards it is an inexpedient decision. If the desire of the guy is insincere, then it is not necessary to count on the duration and well-being of the union. The elect must independently find a way out of the situation

Useful recommendations for women

To succumb to panic attacks and to promote the emergence of negative thoughts in the mind are the right ways to exacerbate the situation. First you need to calm down. To change the worldview of a man, follow the following recommendations of psychologists:

  • Notify the elect of your willingness to wait for his decision.He is aware of the desire to legitimize the relationship, so he has enough information to rationally assess the state of affairs. Encouraging your lover, you have access to the fear of a man. Having identified the true cause of phobia, you can find ways to eliminate fear of serious relationships.
  • Do not show your own weakness and discontent with the constraint of your partner. Demonstrative hysterics and show scandals will not help to solve the problem, aggravating the situation. Forget about the "bitter" tears and causeless reproaches, do not focus on marriage, regularly raising a similar topic in the dialogues with the chosen one.
  • Engage in self-realization, devoting your free time to new hobbies and hobbies. Does he offer to watch a movie together? Excellent! Only late at night, because in the evening you are going to a cafe with friends. The "easy" estrangement of a girl enjoying the charms of the world around her can provoke a man's manifestation of strong-willed qualities. Not wanting to lose a loved one, the guy will decide on a fateful action.
  • Be patient and share the problem of the future spouse, picking up the “keys” to the man’s worldview.Over time, the guy who doubts the relevance of a serious relationship, will appreciate the attention of a caring darling, changing his own opinion.

If you do not put pressure on the partner, supporting him in difficult situations, then the successful result is guaranteed - the only question is the time during which the man will feel the need for a serious relationship.

Why do men fear a serious relationship?

To help a partner cope with common male fears is possible only with the help of creation. Aggression and offensive actions are irrational actions of a woman who wants to legitimize a love union by marriage. The nature of the guys involves independent decision-making, so the girls have to wait, creating a favorable atmosphere in the relationship.


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