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Why not cry?

In difficult moments, tears come up, sometimes you want to literally burst into tears, so great is the emotional stress. Is it necessary in such a situation to hold back tears and try not to cry? That is unnecessary! In this way, you can relieve nervous excitement and relax, but what you really should not do is to enter into a depressive state, accompanied by a long grueling cry. We learn why you can not cry a lot and how it can affect health.

How long crying affects appearance

Every person who has ever cried in life has a familiar swollen face with swollen eyes. Tears are saline liquid and affect the skin not as water, but as a concentrated saline solution. It is not surprising, therefore, that the skin reacts to this with redness, irritation and loss of aesthetic appearance. Particularly affected by crying eyes. They swell, the eyelids look like tightly stuffed pouches. With prolonged crying, this state persists for a long time, and if you had to cry a lot, say, before going to bed, then the next morning you can find two narrow slits instead of wide open eyes.

Red tear-stained eyes do not at all serve as an adornment of appearance, therefore, with an ingrained habit of constantly crying, there is a risk of losing its attractiveness. In turn, this factor entails new troubles - a depressive state arises from discomfort and insecurity, which again manifests itself by constant crying and hysterics. Sometimes, to break out of such a vicious circle requires the help of a qualified professional.

More than others, the issue of appearance worries the fair sex. In this regard, an article on Why women cry will be useful.

The reflection of crying on the mood

A long cry has a negative effect on a person’s mood. After long sobs, the person feels exhausted, his nervous system is in a weary state, and is not capable of any other emotions. Often people fall into apathy, become indifferent to the events surrounding them. Many experience severe sleepiness. And if crying has become a regular and quite common thing, then a person stays in such a position constantly, so it is not surprising that it is quite difficult to get out of such a depression on your own.

Help in addressing this issue will have an article Why I want to cry.

Reflection of crying for health

Long crying has a negative effect not only on the nervous system, but also on the whole organism. Scientists have shown that a good positive attitude prolongs a person’s life and supports the work of his organs at the proper level. With depressions and negative experiences, the protective resources of the body sharply decrease, the immunity weakens, and a person becomes more vulnerable to various viruses and bacteria.

There is also a risk of direct infection of the organs of vision. While weeping, we usually wipe our eyes, either with our hand or with a handkerchief, the sterility of which, of course, we don’t think about. Irritated, inflamed eyes are a good channel for infection in the body.

All these reasons convince us that crying is bad for health. But it would be interesting to know what reasons people have for crying.


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