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Why pay more: the benefits of comparing products from different stores

Why pay more if you can save, and without significant temporary losses? Comparing prices, you can buy 2 times cheaper!

Today, a huge number of people use the Internet to make purchases, because it is profitable and simple. The volume of online trading has long exceeded 1 trillion. dollars a year and, according to experts, will continue to increase at a rapid pace.

But often the buyer has problems, the main of them is the search for goods with the cheapest price. If there is not much shopping experience, the search may be delayed. But in this situation, price comparison in online stores comes to the rescue.

At the moment there is a considerable number of similar sites, but one of the most popular in Russia is spb.priceok.ru. Thanks to the price comparison portal, you can always find the optimal and objective assessment of a particular product.Unlike similar sites, Pricock has a wide range of stores and products.

The ability to read real product reviews is one of the important advantages of a price aggregator. Here, real people leave their comments, who managed to take advantage of the functionality and purchase the product. The price comparison site is not interested, in contrast to the online store, to post exclusively positive reviews. On the contrary, it gives everyone the opportunity to share their opinion so that users are confident in their choice.

But the main advantage of the price aggregator is a quick price comparison. An enormous amount of work has already been done for you, namely: proposals with different prices are collected in one place, all that remains is to press the “Compare Prices” button and the result of many hours of work on one page. Did you know that the popular Apple iPhone 7 today can be bought at prices ranging from 32 to 71 thousand rubles, depending on the configuration? Moreover, the difference does not always depend on the specifications, and often - from the rather high premium of the store. Comparing prices using the portal, you can clearly see which store offers more favorable terms of purchase.

How it works?

The online store, which is not able to offer customers a convenient system of product selection, provides the price comparison portal with its price list. Prices from all online stores are sorted in descending order / increase / popularity at the request of the buyer. This convenient opportunity for the buyer pays the store. Everyone gets the benefit: online store - building up the audience, the buyer - the opportunity to instantly see all the prices.

What are the actions of the buyer?

Search for a product through a price aggregator, in principle, is no different from searching in a regular online store. Enter the name of the goods can be in the search box or search for the specified parameters. The difference between the two shopping options is that in the end you will find not 1 product, but dozens or even hundreds with similar characteristics.

In addition to comparing prices, products can be sorted by characteristics. For this there is a special button for comparison with the characteristics of other models.

And the most important thing is the scale of offers, the widest in comparison with the possibilities of buying or searching for goods in one online store.

What other advantages does a price aggregator have?

In addition to convenient comparison functionals, there is a whole section with optional tips.


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