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Why pregnant women are prescribed to drink kidney tea

Along with edema, increased blood pressure may be observed and be present. This condition is classified as preeclampsia. There is an erroneous opinion that when edema is necessary to reduce the amount of fluid you drink. In fact, it needs to be increased.
When symptoms of preeclampsia are detected, the expectant mother is prescribed medications that, in addition to eliminating the symptoms, can cause harm to the child. Therefore, gynecologists choose a more benign method - herbal kidney teas.

The effectiveness of kidney teas

The most important effect of tea is diuretic. The ability to remove excess water from the human body and lowering blood pressure in this case are the most important effects of diuretic effects. In addition, tea treats various kidney diseases.
As a result of the use of this drink, an excess of uric acid and chlorides is eliminated from the woman’s body, which leads to a decrease in puffiness.The number of doses of therapeutic and toxic in tea is different, so side effects are very rare. It is very important to prevent overdose.

Characteristic of teas

When choosing a kidney tea for pregnant women, you need to be very careful and carefully study the instructions for use.
There are a large number of recommended teas for pregnant women who do not have contraindications:
“Lingonberry tea” in addition to the diuretic effect has many advantages. Strengthens the immune system and compensates for the deficiency of vitamins and minerals in the body. It also has anti-inflammatory effects in diseases of the urinary system. You should not use this tea more than once a day, as the uterus tone may increase, which is also unsafe.
Brusniver is a collection of herbs: lingonberries, rosehips, St. John's wort grass and a succession. All components have a positive effect on the body of a woman and her unborn child. In addition to the diuretic effect, Brusniver has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action. Apply this tea is recommended three to four times a day for a quarter cup.
“Ortosiphon” is a kidney tea absolutely harmless to pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy. You can use this tea as a separate tool, and in the complex treatment of diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract.
The use of kidney teas is very effective not only to eliminate puffiness, but also to remove toxic substances from the body.
It should not be forgotten that during pregnancy any remedy, even the most innocuous, must be taken with extreme caution. No need to appoint yourself arbitrarily receiving kidney tea. It is imperative to consult with a qualified specialist who will prescribe the necessary medication and determine the course of treatment.

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