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Why was Red Square called Red?

Yana Lisitsina
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Why was Red Square called Red?

Typically, the sources of the appearance of toponyms are historical facts, events, important characteristics of the places themselves, as well as the words that were used by the people to refer to a particular place. The name "Red Square" was no exception.

The origin of the toponym "Red Square"

There are many theories why Red Square was called Red. But most of them are still unreasonable, and therefore not too believable. At the same time, historians who study the toponymy of Russia and its capital, tend to two versions. About them and tell.

  • The word �Krasnaya� began to be applied to the legendary Moscow Square after, in 1625, the Spasskaya Tower of the Kremlin was built on the site of the Fire (the first name of the square) between the St. Basil�s Cathedral and the frontal place. Locals did not fail to call the place �Red� - from the outdated Russian �beautiful�.A little later, in the 17th century, the entire undeveloped area in front of the Kremlin was called Red Square. The Tsar liked the new name so much that in 1661 Alexey Mikhailovich issued an order to officially fix it behind the square.
  • It was through this square that the path to the main imperial porch of the Kremlin, called Red, passed.

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