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With the help of glue and rope you will have a stylish decor for each room.

Jute mats are a great invention. They are light, pleasant to the touch and well repel dust and dirt. Weave such decor yourself, connecting a thin rope in a spiral, and collecting from them complex compositions.

A carpet of jute rope can complement both the simplest country interior and the furnishings with expensive furniture and accessories. Connect the edges of the rope with a hot glue gun. To make the construction more durable, glue a piece of fabric or rubber base for the carpet from the back side.

A more complicated option is to sew a rope with threads. Creating such a rug will take much longer, but your product will be much stronger. You can combine two methods of fastening. Use glue as the main one, stitching the rope in places of special load on the mat.

Choose ready-made schemes or trust your imagination.

Combine spirals of different diameter, creating complex compositions.

You can start with a small rug and then add new items to it.

Creating mats in such a technique, you can make coverings for each room of your home.

The most convenient way to work with the thinnest rope, start with it. Later you can try to weave from thick.

This mat can be used as a mat on which you can sit directly on the floor.


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