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What can you wear with a fashionable gray coat?

A gray coat is the same classic basic thing in a woman’s wardrobe, like a little black dress, pumps and a white shirt. Gray color goes well with other shades and allows you to create beautiful and stylish images for any occasion. This color is suitable for girls for whom black is too dull, and bright shades are too eye-catching.

One thing is a lot of bows

High fashion gurus assure - gray color is combined with any style. Such a tone of the upper parts of the clothes is able to create the right balance even with the brightest, neon shades. In addition, fashionistas always have a choice, because among the popular sub-colors appear metallic, “wet asphalt”, graphite, steel and others.

Possible shapes and fabric

And now let's see, what styles of female “mouse-colored” coat always remain in trend? The classic version is a fitted model with a belt at the waist. This image has been in demand for many decades.In addition, you can find an element of outerwear in the military style with large round buttons, with a high waistline, sleeve ¾ or “bat”, bone length, knee and mid-calf, with smell, hood, and even oversight.

Every year, stylists find more and more unusual solutions for such clothes and sew them from cashmere, drape, knitwear, wool, cotton or boucle.

What to wear in the kit?

And if such a wardrobe detail has already managed to “settle down” in your closet, then it's time to find out what it is fashionable to wear it with:

  1. Footwear. It is worth considering that the “mouse” shade is able to visually shorten the shape, so girls of short stature will definitely need shoes, boots or boots with heels. They will look harmonious in red, black and brown.
  2. Outerwear models with natural fur trim will help to create an aristocratic image. You can choose a strict knee-length pencil skirt or a dress of a fitted silhouette. For a style with a brown fur collar, it will be good to choose a handbag in color.
  3. To representatives of the fair sex, preferring a sporty style, stylists offer models with leather inserts of a free cut. The ideal length for such a model is to the waist.You can wear it with jeans, leggings, skinny. Of the shoes will look great shoes with a massive heel, sneakers on the platform or boots at low speed. Complement the image of a small backpack or sports bag.
  4. For fans of classic style, a coat in combination with a beautiful dress will suit. The ensemble can be complemented with a classic style handbag and high-heeled shoes. An irreplaceable accessory will also be a dermal wide strap in the tone of the bag.
  5. Women who have chosen a cap, a loose sleeveless model shown in the photo, will fit skinny jeans or classic trousers with arrows. From shoes it is worth paying attention to high boots on a low run or boots with a wide heel.
  6. The gray top with things in blue color will always look good. These can be jeans, top or even shoes.


Since the coat is an excellent option for the autumn-spring seasons, you should not forget about accessories. If outerwear has a fur trim, then a fur hat or a beautiful hat with brim will successfully fit into the ensemble. To the military style, a headdress is suitable for small or large matings.Do not forget about gloves and scarves.

The undoubted plus of such wardrobe details is that all women can wear it - blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women, slim and even full. The only thing that should be remembered by the girls in the body, choosing the right style - forget about thin belts and small handbags, and then your image will surely be remembered by others as fashionable and stylish.

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