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Women's warm jackets with fur - fashion trends this season

Although the real cold has not yet come, sometimes you really want to wrap up and warm yourself. This will help the jacket on the fur. Female bow in such a chic thing is invariably found. Even if it is an ordinary sports park. The skin gives any model a halo of luxury. In this cold season, a similar finish again soared to the top of the fashion pedestal. Therefore, do not deprive yourself of the pleasure of flaunting in furs. We are used to the fact that such outerwear costs a lot. Break stereotypes. New clothes with fur can be bought profitably.

Trends at affordable prices

In the online store “Issa Plus” fashionistas Ukraine is waiting for a real fashion paradise. The most trendy novelties will be on the site, with the most attractive price tags. Choose. This is not just a pleasant purchase. You save on a new thing that will last more than one season.Also noteworthy are your practical attention. Give yourself comfort, coziness and beauty in this cold season.

Fluffy fashion trends

According to fashion experts, it is worth decorating the fur trim even with the fact that previously we did not dare to honor this chic décor. It can be not only winter sheepskin coats and down jackets, although they also can not do without fur this season. Fluffy details will look great on bomber jackets, warm jackets and even leather jackets. Full Carte Blanche.

You won’t regret if you choose a classic combination: corduroy, leather, suede with fur details. Sheepskin coat on sheepskin - the constant favorite of cold seasons. This season the model has become even more popular, especially in the monochrome version. A completely gray or beige jacket of this type will look superb and at the same time be combined with any way.

A bomber with fluffy inserts was a definite hit of the season. Such a semi-sports jacket and even with warming is top of convenience and practicality. Looks good in a single-color version or a contrast one.

And, of course, you cannot deny yourself the pleasure of warming a down jacket with fur.This is not only a pledge of a stylish bow, but also an inexpressible feeling of warmth and comfort in any bad weather.

Trend décor features

Fur may be present as:

  • collar;

  • cuff;

  • pockets;

  • hood trim;

  • stitches and so on.

Also interesting are the variants of the “global” fluffy decor, when the hen is all fur with the presence of some smooth elements. On the catwalks we saw even very extravagant models of the “opposite” style. The jacket itself is fur, and the collar is made of a raincoat fabric. It is hardly possible to call such an option practical, but it looks very uncommon. Although we are still for more traditional decor options.

Fur can be almost anything. Many fashion gurus prefer artificial. It is easier to work with him, he looks more spectacular, and animal advocates are grateful. We can also follow the example of the couturier and choose a more affordable decor option. The color of the fur inserts can also be completely not natural. We paint the pile in blue, red, emerald, yellow. The brighter, the more interesting and fun.


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