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Words that cannot be spoken in the royal family have become known.


The royals never say "toilet". You will soon hear a detailed "lavatory" or informal "loo" (loo), but here's the toilet - never. Forgot what word you can say and what you can not? It is better to hint that you need "in one place", do not lose.

Tea (Tea)

This is some kind of fiction, you think. But no. If it is not a hot drink, but a drink, you can not just take this important event as tea, otherwise you are no different from the working class. So feel free to call everyone to the "supper" (supper), otherwise you will immediately be bitten with your "eat is served." Sit down for tea, please. ”

Pardon (Pardon)

This “pardon” today seems to be quite a polite word, but not courteous enough for a queen. And if her Majesty did not hear something, you will never hear her "pardon", but rather a simple "forgive" or "forgive what?" (Sorry or sorry, what?).It seems that here William and Harry's grandmother borrowed the trend in the modern Russian language, because we will not say "pardonte" as before, but with regret we will shrug and throw all the clear "sorriers".

Luxurious (Posh)

Despite all the luxury of royal life, this word is not pronounced in the walls of Buckingham Palace. Instead of “luxurious”, you’ll rather hear “stylish” or “smart” (stylish, smart). Well, next time we rent a "stylish villa" by the sea and choose an "intelligent outfit" for the girl's best friend's girl.


What is not pleased the members of the royal family perfume, we do not know, but they are only fragrance (scent). And here we just can not think of any cheat sheet. We'll have to remember.


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