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You can also make a ring using epoxy.

How to make a ring of wood. + Video

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I have been developing this method for many months, given the size of my workshop and budget. It was a practice in perfecting the task, not in the speed of manufacture or in quantity, perfecting the creation of the object with my own hands.

This is by no means the fastest way to make a wooden ring. I believe that the use of hand tools gives the best end result. I spent about a year developing this method with a lot of trial and error. I used circular saws and drills to drill the inside diameter of my rings. This method was much faster, but I found that the heating and vibration caused by drilling led to a weakening of the tree structure.With this master class, I want to demonstrate the most satisfactory way to make a wooden ring.

What do we need?

  • Jigsaw;
  • Hand drill;
  • Round file;
  • Sandpaper with grain - 220;
  • Various grinding sponges;
  • Tung oil and polishing wax.


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